Kubb is great for someone who has all the other yard games and is looking for a new strategic and challenging game. Kubb can be played on grass, sand, concrete, gravel and even snow!

This is a full-size game based on the dimensions for regulation play according to the U.S. National Kubb Championship. Don't be fooled by sets that have smaller kubbs and batons. The king and the kubbs are all made from douglas fir and the batons and corner stakes are poplar. This set comes with a reusable Menards bag for easy carrying as well as a laminated rules sheet.

It is a natural product so color and grain may vary from the listing picture and knots and splits may be present.

All pieces are sanded smooth and all sharp edges are given a 1/4" roundover for a smooth feel in the hands, as well as protection again splintering since there will be a lot of hard hits between the batons and kubbs/king.

More information about the game and its history can be found on Wikipedia.